Preparation Course for English Language Level Test

A three session course to help you prepare for the English Language Level Test (ELLT).

Preparation course for ELLT

Our preparation course will help students to prepare for the ELLT. Conducted over three sessions, the course covers the three assessment areas and teaches students the techniques and strategies required to succeed.

The course is led by highly-qualified and experienced EFL teachers with examination experience.

What does the course involve?

Each session will focus on the type of tasks and the techniques required to succeed in each part of the ELLT.

Session 1 – Listening and Reading assessments

Session 2 – Writing assessment

 Session 3 – Oral assessment

Prepares students for the reading and listening assessments of the ELLT

Prepares students for the writing assessment of the ELLT 

Prepares students for the spoken
part of the ELLT

Course Details

  • 100% online course that prepares students for the ELLT
  • Sessions taught by highly qualified EFL teachers with examining experience
  • 60-90 minute sessions  – depending on class requirements
  • Sessions are run at 09:30am (GMT)

Course Schedule

One week course


Session 1


Session 2


Session 3


Reading & listening assessments


Written assessment


Oral assessment

  • Fast track your course and receive your results within 7 days
One month course

Week 1 – Monday

Session 1

Week 2 – Tuesday

Session 2

Week 3 – Wednesday

Session 3 & Exam

"My experience was really good and it really helps save time because it’s based online. Face to face parts were really comfortable because the professor was friendly. OIETC admissions team respond to emails really fast and they really helped me clear up any queries."
Pruthvi Lokesh

Preparation Course for English Language Level Test

Book a preparation course now

Booking A Course

You can book your Online Preparation Course with Oxford International English Test Centre here. The price of the course is £75 per student and payment can be made online using all major credit cards.

Once you have made a booking via our website, a dedicated member of our Admissions team will be assigned to you.  They will help you through every stage of the application process.  They will send you the login details for the course, provide you with your course timetable and prepare you to join the course.

What is the ELLT?

The English Language Level Test (ELLT) is a 100% online alternative to IELTS that provides students with evidence of their English language level for entry into UK universities.

Learn more about the English Language Level Test here.

Course Accreditation


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