Pre-Sessional English

6, 12 and 16 week online pre-sessional courses delivered by our English Language Schools, designed to boost your English language level and help prepare you for entry into higher education institutions.

Online Pre-Sessional English Courses

For students who need to improve their English language level before progressing onto their chosen course at a higher education institution, Oxford International English Test Centre offers 6, 12 or 16 week online pre-sessional English courses. The online courses are designed to boost your English language skills and prepare you for entry into a higher education institution.

The courses are delivered by a team of highly qualified EFL Teachers from the Oxford International English Language division, from our schools in Brighton, Greenwich and Oxford, all of which are accredited for the teaching and learning of English.

Do I need Pre-Sessional English?

If after taking the English Language Level Test you score below the entry criteria for your chosen course, a member of our Admissions Team will advise you to enrol on a 6-week, 12-week or 16-week pre-sessional English course. This will allow you to improve your English language skills and better prepare you to begin your academic studies at a higher education institution.

The length of the pre-sessional course recommended by our Admissions Team acts only as a suggestion. You are free to take whichever course you feel most comfortable, meaning that you could enrol on the 12 or 16 week pre-sessional English course despite only being advised to take the 6-week course.

What does the online course involve?

The pre-sessional online English course borrows from the scheme of work usually taught in the classroom. Adapted to suit the online environment, it consists of shorter daily teacher-led sessions with selected supportive assignments for self-study. These elements help to focus you outside of the classroom, and either inform your next session, or require assessment by the class teacher.

Self-study assignments can include submissions of video, audio or written tasks.

If you are struggling in a particular area, then the teacher will give you access to specific tasks on our online learning platform. It is aimed at a slightly lower base level, but targets certain skills which will allow you to gain confidence in these areas during your own time.

Students can also receive 1-2-1 Tutorials to focus on additional language skills.

Teaching Staff

All of our English language schools are British Council accredited and run a variety of courses year-round to both adult and junior students. Our highly experienced, qualified teachers go through a constant CPD programme delivered by our internal teacher training department, consisting of three whole-school inset days, peer observations, senior observations and conference attendance and presentations.

Dates & Entry Requirements

All online pre-sessional English courses will start on a set date, and will run three times a day to cater to a variety of time zones. It will also give students flexibility for the best time for them to participate in the classroom led sessions.

Upcoming dates:

6 week Course

  • 7th December – 15th January
  • 18th January – 26th February
  • 22nd February – 2nd April
  • 12th April – 21st May

12 week Course

  • 7th December – 26th February
  • 11th January – 2nd April
  • 1st March – 21st May
16 week Course
  • 25th January – 14th May

The teacher-led classes will be delivered on the Zoom platform, with supporting material provided on the VLE Slack. To benefit fully from the online environment we recommend that all students have access to a laptop with webcam & audio capabilities or modern smartphone, and a reliable Internet connection.

Entry Requirements:

To register for an Online pre-sessional English course you must show proof of your English Language level.

You can do this by:

  • Providing your results from our English Language Level Test
  • or
  • Providing your results from an equivalent English language test (e.g. IELTS)

If neither of the above options apply to you, but you would still like to participate in English language courses please take a look at our Virtual Classroom option here.

To book our Online pre-sessional English Courses please click here.

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