English Language Level Test

A three-step assessment taken online to ascertain a student’s English language level and provide proof of English for UK Universities.

Online English Language Level Test

Oxford International English Test Centre offers the English Language Level Test (ELLT) as an alternative to students unable to access an IELTS or equivalent test as evidence of their English language level for entry into UK Universities. The ELLT is a three-step assessment taken to ascertain your current English language level, and can be completed 100% online. On successful completion of all three steps of the assessment students receive a certification and full report, allowing you to move forward and apply to university courses with proof of English without ever leaving your home.

If, upon completion of the test you achieve lower than the requirement to begin your academic studies, Oxford International English Test Centre offers students a 6-week or 12-week online pre-sessional English course designed to help boost your English language skills before beginning your chosen course.

The assessments are led by highly-qualified and experienced staff and processed by the UK language admissions team.

What does the Assessment involve?

The Online English Language Level Test (ELLT) with Oxford International English Test Centre is made up of three elements; an initial online test, followed by a writing task that is assigned and administered by email, ending with an oral test which takes place over video chat with one of our highly qualified English teachers:

English Language Level Test

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Recognised by the following Universities

The following universities recognise the results of the English Language Level Test (ELLT) for admission onto their programmes:

  • Bangor University
  • Coventry University
  • De Montfort University International College
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • The University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Roehampton
  • University of Strathclyde
  • University of Sunderland


Once the student completes all three stages of the test, the assessing teacher writes a report summary with results from the three tasks and gives a final certificate of level to the student along with the detailed report.

If the assessing teacher has any doubts, then a follow up assessment may be done by a Senior Teacher or Director of Studies. This three-step process adds a level of robustness to the results, and the cross referencing of previous tests along with spot checks ensure a secure test environment and level of trust in the results.

Booking A Test

You can book your Online English Language Level Test (ELLT) with Oxford International English Test Centre here. The price of the test is £75 per student. Payment can be made online using all major credit cards.

Once you have made a booking via our website, you will be paired with a member of our Admissions Team. They will be able to provide you with the information you need to access the online test and they will also be able to guide you through the second and third stages of the test.

The three stages of the assessment will take place over several days. This allows your assigned language teacher to thoroughly review the results of each of your assessments and it also allows for the Admissions Team to liaise with you on suitable times and dates to complete your written task and oral exam.

Preparation Course for English Language Level Test

Our preparation course will help students to prepare for the ELLT. Conducted over three sessions, the course covers the three assessment areas and teaches students the techniques and strategies required to succeed.

The course is led by highly-qualified and experienced EFL teachers with examination experience.


What does the course involve?

Each session will focus on the type of tasks and the techniques required to succeed in each part of the ELLT.

Session 1 – Online assessment

Session 2 – Writing assessment

 Session 3 – Oral assessment

Prepares students for the for the type of tasks to expect on the online ELLT

Prepares students for the writing assessment of the ELLT 

Prepares students for the spoken
part of the ELLT

"It was an awesome experience. The test was organised and explicit. My speaking assessment experience was undoubtedly great. The examiner was very polite and her way of assessing was really friendly. Overall, my experience was very good- and administration is very cooperative as well."
Rabia Nazeer

A three session course to help you prepare for the English Language Level Test (ELLT)

Preparation Course